1. mpdrolet:

    Confirmation, 1915

    Wilhelm Kroll

  2. hifas:

    Sunset, Purple
    Ann Woo

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  3. fyeahwomenartists:

    In case you missed it, the second volume of Women Artists: Interviews is now for pre-order! Copies ordered before September 10th are available at a discounted price of $8 (+ shipping). 

    We’ll be printing a small first batch so don’t miss out on getting a copy! 

    Available for order HERE

  5. mydarkenedeyes:

    Maria Mamczur - From a Notebook (2012-)

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  6. cross-connect:

    Artist on tumblr - Ricardo Bouyett is a 21-year-old photographer from Chicago, Illinois.

    I derive inspiration from life, and I don’t mean that in an avant-garde romantic way at all. I mean that I play witness to many different forms of art and expression that I feel compelled to pay tribute to these varying beauties by creating portraits that communicate identity, love, loss, and life. I tend to rely a lot on music, dance, and poetry 

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  7. sfmoma:


    The Exes

    Journal Project

    Lea C.

  8. 200gb:

    Girls Residence, Kishin Shinoyama 1997

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  9. mpdrolet:

    West Bromwich, 2011

    Mark Power

  10. girlsgetbusyzine:

    Girls Get Busy #22 is finally finished and available online for free HERE

    Featuring: Chanelle Adams, Kani Anifowoshi, Monika Ardila, Braudie Blais-Billie, Liz Bowen, Carlin Brown, Dana Burns, Alexandra Bussiere, Emily Smit-Dicks, Maggie Dunlap, Monika Forsberg, Forty Elephants Mob, Mariah Friere, Charlotte Gaffney, Miriam Galea, Emma Gruner, Caitlin Hazell, Hinni Huttunen, Jazmin Jones, Melissa Jones, India K, Aisling Keavey, Olivia Lawler, Lora Li, Maja Malou Lyse, Moira MacLean-Wideman, Nelly Matorina, Ilenia Madelaire, Melissa McElhose, Carol-Anne McFarlane, Madeleine Meunier, Pema Monaghan, Aditi Nagrath, Nuie, Katie Honan Pellico, Laurence Philomene, The Phoney Club, Christina Poku, Rhea Ramakrishnan, Louise Reimer, Leyla Grace Reynolds, Cornelia Van Rijswijk, Elisha Van Rijswijk, Nyssa Sharp, Hannah Siegfied, Beth Siveyer, Nandi La Sophia, Christina Svenson, Elis Talis, Rhian Thoms, Andrea Tirrell, Barbora Togel, Alexandra Urbina, Lin VanderVliet, Emily J. Wang, Haley Winkle

    📖 🎨 📖

    Curated by Beth Siveyer. Cover art by Nyssa Sharp

    Girls Get Busy is a feminist creative platform that supports artists, writers and musicians.