3. hanecdote:

    Can you see what I see? If you see a Hanecdote original printed on a crappy tshirt without my consent, Im asking all of my followers and supporters to please email enquiries@primark.co.uk with the Subject “Hanecdote cares” and CC in hanecdote@hotmail.com, expressing your concern about the situation. Below are other Primark social media sites, feel free to let them know that theyre taking advantage of a struggling young artist. Its no secret Ive struggled with mental health and your support through Hanecdote has helped me in so many ways. They will not turn me into a Prozac Princess (dont try and steal that idea, Primark!) 

    Primark Facebook

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    Please include @hanecdote or #hanecdote and thank you so much for all your past and future support. 

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  4. holyholyeye:

    Martine Fougeron

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  5. momakesthings:

    before you know it, it’ll be valentine’s day.

  6. thelesigh:

    Our friends over at Purple Pony are releasing their second zine next week!

    Check them out here and come hang out with us at the release party.

  7. crossettlibrary:

    Amazingness from Bust here

  8. mpdrolet:

    Royal Flush, 1973

    Audrey Flack


  9. lioneater:


    This comic contains bullying and transmisogyny and is not a romp in the park. But I hope you like it.

    ((Written by Scout Wolfcave, adapted and drawn by Penina))


    A link to Limp Wrist. I’m happy to see Scout’s brave story illustrated by the talented Penina. They are my brunch pals and all around wonderful people!

  10. louiseadelaide:

    Good 4 It

    part of Sugar Bae series 

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